Professional Tracking System

Whats is Track Me?

State of the art Vehicle Tracking Systems

The best vehicle tracking system on the market

Our vehicle tracking devices provide you with live updates every single minute, Google mapping with satellite images and street view. Full report suite including speeding, idling and Excel reports, email reports and customised locations. With systems tailored to your requirements we are a perfect fit for you.

Real-time Updates

Enjoy GPS fleet tracking systems that give you real-time information. Position, speed and status are all only a click away. Use Fleetsmart to play, rewind and fast forward through time to any point in history. Replay journeys and plot vehicle history.

5m Accuracy

By using GPS vehicle tracking you can get up-to-the-minute mapping with 5m accuracy so you can pinpoint your fleet. Updates are pushed directly to you instantly every time a vehicle or asset changes position, without the need to refresh or reload the page.

Google Mapping

Google Maps Premier will give you the very best view of exact locations by the minute every single day. See any route marked out on-screen, and with our vehicle tracking you’ll be able to follow the vehicle as if you were driving it yourself!

European Tracking

With our optional roaming add-on and time zone support you can track your fleet worldwide, track real-time vehicle locations, run reports and receive alerts whenever your vehicles are near specified points of interest such as country borders and ports.


Why choose Trackme?

Bespoke Integration

Trackme is owned and developed in-house, our product is under constant development to keep us at the very top of our industry.
Powerful Add-ons

Driver identification, European roaming as well as Remote immobilisation are all available to enhance the Fleetsmart product.
Improved Security

We offer Remote immobilisation meaning your vehicle or assets can be shut down from any web enabled device offering improved security.

Customer Support Team

The entire process is managed in-house from initial ordering, installation, support, development and billing.


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