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Common Questions

We Started doing web design in 1998. Then moved to web hosting 5 years ago and also offer I.T. Support Services

All our hosting comes with a 30-day money back guarantee but the domain names are not refundable. As they are a contract with the registrar

No but we do offer a 30 day money back gauuntee

Yes we have an immediate set up service the only time this can be delayed is when there is a problem in the registration details you fill in

We use Pay Pal Or bank transfers.
Give us a call on 01865 589 373 and we can see what we can do on any large orders
We offer computer support services, server migrations, dedicated server, website design, and anything inbetween.
You can send in a support ticket on or fill in a support ticket, or we have a live chat at the bottom of this page

Web Design

Communication is the key here we must keep a good line of communication. Normally we can get a website done in 3 to 4 days but you will need to know the content of the site. We will rely on you sending us in the content via email… this is the wording for your site on each page. We will set up the sites design within 24 to 48 hours but the content is up to you and we will enter it in on your behalf.

Sorry no as you are paying for the time of the designer. but we will work hard with you untill we have got it right for you.
communication is by email or phone we also have a skype option so you can work face to face
Yes we will show you the tools you need to continue to keep your website up to date

Normally no. but sometimes a customer my want extras like an advanced option. a shopping cart that needs an extra licence or a certain application that needs to be paid for. but if you stick to the options you picked there will be no extra charges.

Yes always take a backup of your site before you work on it. there is backup option in your cPanel
We can offer a website support option where you can have a number of changes to your site evey month you need to give us a ring on our sales line to set this up
You can send in a support ticket on