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Exciting New Service from DMK I.T Services

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Exciting New Service from DMK I.T Services

As being partnered with DMK I am excited to announce our new telephone service.

Introducing VOIP!

Voice Over Internet Protocol!

“I have to say having an internet phone system is a breeze.
Not having to rely on a phone company and not having to expect a massive bill at the end of the month has truly restored my faith in telephoning. It cuts out the hassle of a phone company completely!
Having a couple of months of experience with this Universal Telephone System has shown to have worked as it says in the book. One of the best things about VOIP is that I’ve not yet had to call up with problems, just one small monthly sum and i have unlimited and international calls! I can even track the number of calls received, missed and in waiting giving me an insight into our telephone communications.
The 3-way calling is so easy and fantastic when working with other people! You can certainly gather information quickly and sharing ideas between 3 people can really get you much further decreasing your call time and increasing your work ideas!
Putting a customer through to another agent has never been so easy, with just a simple transfer button and an extension number they’ll be yapping away in no time. Making it better, is having the use of headsets. Yes! you can walk freely and have the use of your hands while at work and all but through the internet. There really are no limits.

Another great feature of course is your introduction message. With the ability to make your own message intro such as introducing your service, opening & closing times and/or to let them know they are in a queue and will be transferred to the next available agent. This is very useful when perhaps a customer is waiting. It’s a good idea to add info about your service and optionally allow customers to use extension numbers to be put through straight away saving a lot of waiting time.
At the end of all days none of our customers have ever noticed we use an internet telephone service. That’s because there really is no difference in the quality of your phone calls, the only big difference is the price you pay for it. In my opinion, it really is worth it!
There are loads of great features about VOIP which is why I’ve inserted the VOIP Package below. Click the button to read more and view prices. Light packages starting at £10p/m.”

Please leave a comment below if you have any reviews on this, or to try one for your self! You can also get in touch via our Contact Us page! 

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Author – Katie Smith – Business Partner @ Dmk I.T Services.




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