Make Your WordPress Site As Secure As It Can Be With Just 1 Fantastic Plugin

BulletProof Security Pro BulletProof Security Pro Website Security Suite is the complete website security package for hacker and spammer protection. BulletProof Security Pro protects your website files and database with multiple overlapping outer and inner layers of website security protection. The most powerful innermost countermeasure website security layer is AutoRestore|Quarantine Intrusion Detection and Prevention System […]

How to Speed up Windows: 9 Simple Fixes to Get a Faster Computer

Restore Windows performance with our simple tips on speeding up your computer. 22nd Jan 18  When you get a new laptop or PC it starts up and responds quickly every time. But the more you install apps, games and fill up the hard drive with music, documents and photos the more it will slow down. Eventually it will take […]

Exciting New Service from DMK I.T Services

As being partnered with DMK I am excited to announce our new telephone service. Introducing VOIP! Voice Over Internet Protocol! "I have to say having an internet phone system is a breeze. Not having to rely on a phone company and not having to expect a massive bill at the end of the month has […]

10 Tips To Avoid a PC Repair